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New album coming 2024...

Etching Obscurity (2016)

1. Ascending The Void

2. Sigil Seal

3. The Pest

4. Malleus

5. Through The Grave

6. Delayed Perception

7. Etching Obscurity

8. Shining

9. Soul Devourer

10. Forgotten Path

11. Erased From Existence

Guitar and bass recording: David Gagné


Drum and acoustic guitars recording:

Jonathan Lefrancois-Leduc (Silver Wings Studios, Montreal)


Vocals recording: Jean-Francois Gagnon

(Silver Wings Studios, Montreal)


Mixed and mastered by Honza "Butcher" Kapak

(Hellsound Studios, Czech Republic)


Guest Cello and Rhodes on "Delayed Perception" and "Shining"

by Raphael Weinrothe Browne

recorded by Alex Gamble at Union Sound Studio, Toronto


Artwork original painting by: Sébastien Kelly

Album layout by: Max Allard


Get it on bandcamp or physical copy on our FB store.

Through The Grave EP (2013)

1. Descending

2. Through The Grave

3. For I'm The Pest

4. Soul Devourer


Recorded, mixed and mastered by: David Gagné


Vocals recorded at: Silver Wings Studios


Piano and Orchestrations on "Descending" by:

Ophélie Gingras


Original artwork by: Bob Skelton

Album layout by: Dominic Gagnon


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